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Running for over three decades, McVay Media is a full-service consulting firm, specializing in helping clients in Broadcasting and Media. 

Broadcast & Media Strategies That Work


In theMedia 

In our final episode of this continuing series, we hear the conversation Erica Farber of the RAB had with Mike McVay, President of McVay Media. Founded in 1984 as a programming consultancy, today the company is focused on radio, network and syndication, coaching talent, working with podcasters and as Mike puts it, “marketing for things that color outside the lines."

Vintage Radio


The audience is fragile.   It isn’t your birthright to have them as listeners. You can easily and accidentally fail their expectations. If that happens … it takes a long time to bring them back.

We Get Letters

Each/EVERY week, I eagerly await my Radio Ink email so I can scroll to your column.


One can ALWAYS find 'actionable' take-to-the-street ideas written by you and designed to improve the culture, the business, the creativity and the careers of those who take the time to focus on your ideas.


MANAGING UP AND DOWN was THEE best, in my opinion.


You have built the roadmap for creating a working culture for direct reports and those who are charged with leading you.   


It's setting the expectations by having ongoing dialogue. 


It's having collaborative conversations to explore 'blind spots' so we can build upon our strengths.


Bravo Mike for writing such an inspiring column which I hope will be part of every reader's playbook ... starting right now !


My wish is that our elected officials in Washington would recognize and embrace this but I'm not sure I will live long enough to see that.

Mike Marcy

20 years in Radio + 30 years in cable TV



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