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Running for over three decades, McVay Media is a full-service consulting firm, specializing in helping clients in Broadcasting and Media. 

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In theMedia 

In our final episode of this continuing series, we hear the conversation Erica Farber of the RAB had with Mike McVay, President of McVay Media. Founded in 1984 as a programming consultancy, today the company is focused on radio, network and syndication, coaching talent, working with podcasters and as Mike puts it, “marketing for things that color outside the lines."

Vintage Radio


The audience is fragile.   It isn’t your birthright to have them as listeners. You can easily and accidentally fail their expectations. If that happens … it takes a long time to bring them back.

Vintage Radio

The Library of American Broadcasting Foundation Unveils the 2024 Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts Award Recipients

The Library of American Broadcasting Foundation (LABF) will recognize distinguished industry leaders for lifetime achievements during the 2024 Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts luncheon and awards ceremony. The annual event will take place from 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 12th at Gotham Hall in New York City.

The ceremony is presented by the LABF, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the past, reflecting the present, and informing the future. The awards presentation celebrates the remarkable creators, inovators, leaders, performers, and journalists who have blazed trails in the radio and television broadcasting industry.

LABF has honored more than 200 leaders in broadcasting since the event's 2003 inception. Net proceeds from the luncheon will support the preservation and expansion of the Library of American Broadcasting collection, which is curated at the University of Maryland. Considered among the largest of its kind, the Library of American Broadcasting plays a vital role in growing, preserving, and providing access to archives that highlight broadcasting's profound influence on culture and history throughout the world. The LABF also supports the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) through the underwriting of research, creative grants and academic publications focused on broadcast media.

“This event celebrates the ‘innovators and trailblazers in the media industry,” said LABF Co-Chairs Heidi Raphael and Jack Goodman. “We are absolutely thrilled to pay tribute to and honor these outstanding individuals for their many contributions in broadcasting and American Culture.”

The 2024 Giants of Broadcasting & Electronic Arts honorees include:


Weather and Feature Anchor, TODAY and Co-Host, 3rd Hour of TODAY



Two-time Tony and Emmy Award Winning Actress




McVay Media Consulting



President and Owner
California Oregon Broadcasting, Inc.



Star of ESPN
NY Times Best Selling Author
Creator and Host of The Stephen A. Smith Show


President and Chief Executive Officer Skyview Networks


President and Chief Executive Officer
CBS News and Stations & CBS Media Ventures (CMV)

Returning as emcee, 2018 Giant honoree, Bill Whitaker, correspondent, 60 Minutes, CBS News

We Get Letters

Read "A Different Approach to Marketing Radio" HERE.



I read your Radio Ink piece (A Different Approach to Marketing Radio) and was thinking about your comments on new music. I do agree with what you wrote and there should be radio stations in formats doing it, but I don't think anybody is.


What I didn't agree with, and I thought I'd share it, is when you wrote: 


"You can’t get interviewed on Spotify. You can’t get interviewed on Apple Music.  You can’t have a conversation, or get your brand message out there, and you can’t connect to the artist.”


I don't know if you do any work for Spotify or Apple, but if I did and I read that, I'd say, “Why couldn't we?” I'd add channels. Maybe using AI, maybe just letting the artists speak in their own words without anybody asking questions, or having the questions read but not played back, or go ahead and get somebody famous to do the interviews. Then intersperse them with the artist's music. 


I'd read what you wrote and think, huh? Radio isn't doing it and we're the source for music discovery, and McVay is a pretty smart guy that is making a compelling argument that it fills an audience demand. Who says we can't do it?




Andy Bloom

Senior Global Media, Marketing, Communications, and Research Executive



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