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Running for over three decades, McVay Media is a full-service consulting firm, specializing in helping clients in Broadcasting and Media. 

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"You have to have a full life to be able to create. You can’t create from emptiness.” 

- Ralph Lauren, designer

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The audience is fragile.


It isn’t your birthright to have them as listeners. You can easily and accidentally fail their expectations. If that happens … it takes a long time to bring them back.

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Each/EVERY week, I eagerly await my Radio Ink email so I can scroll to your column.


One can ALWAYS find 'actionable' take-to-the-street ideas written by you and designed to improve the culture, the business, the creativity and the careers of those who take the time to focus on your ideas.


MANAGING UP AND DOWN was THEE best, in my opinion.


You have built the roadmap for creating a working culture for direct reports and those who are charged with leading you.   


It's setting the expectations by having ongoing dialogue. 


It's having collaborative conversations to explore 'blind spots' so we can build upon our strengths.


Bravo Mike for writing such an inspiring column which I hope will be part of every reader's playbook ... starting right now !


My wish is that our elected officials in Washington would recognize and embrace this but I'm not sure I will live long enough to see that.

Mike Marcy

20 years in Radio + 30 years in cable TV



New Investigative Podcast on Ohio Train Derailment Takes Listeners on Startling, Eye-Opening Journey in Limited Series Debuting Today 


“Derailment Disaster: Crisis in East Palestine” Uncovers How Corporate Greed, Regulatory Shortcomings, and Industry-Wide Negligence Led to a Catastrophic Environmental Disaster in America’s Heartland



LOS ANGELES, CA – May 4, 2023 - Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks announce the launch today of “Derailment Disaster: Crisis in East Palestine,” a gripping limited series documentary podcast by creators, journalists, and co-hosts Jarid Watson, Priscilla Watson, and Josh Miely. "Derailment Disaster: Crisis in East Palestine" is an eye-opening investigation into the dark underbelly of the U.S. rail industry and the dire consequences that befall the innocent when corners are cut, and profits are prioritized. Listen to the revealing and often alarming investigative podcast now on Omny at:; on Apple at:, and on Spotify at:


The seven-episode documentary podcast takes listeners on the harrowing February 3rd, 2023, journey of a Norfolk Southern train containing hazardous chemicals that derailed in East Palestine, OH, less than one

mile from the Pennsylvania border. The toxic train derailment shook the small town

of East Palestine and its surrounding communities and left in its wake evidence of

industry-wide negligence that led to the catastrophic event. Through in-depth

interviews, first-hand accounts, and expert analysis, the podcast uncovers the

devastating effects of the derailment and the industry-wide negligence that led

to this catastrophic event. 


The podcast delves into the U.S. rail industry's consolidation, exposing the startling

lack of safety regulations that have paved the way for disasters like the East

Palestine derailment. It also examines the controversial decision to burn not one,

but five rail cars full of vinyl chloride, resulting in a toxic plume that hovered over

multiple counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania. As one HAZMAT specialist chillingly

put it, "We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open."  


Priscilla Watson, Co-Creator and Co-Host, “Derailment Disaster: Crisis in East

Palestine,” noted: “What listeners will find compelling is the astounding level of control the railroad industry has over the economy, while local and state governments have no legal power to protect their citizens. As residents of the surrounding East Palestine area, living just 15 miles away, and as career content creators and multi-media journalists, we uncovered shocking evidence of industry-wide negligence and learned that derailments happen more often than one might think.”


“Derailment Disaster: Crisis in East Palestine” exposes the complex world of corporate greed, regulatory shortcomings, and environmental disaster, woven together in this heart-wrenching tale of a community in crisis. 


Don't miss a single episode of this must-listen series. Listen to the first three episodes of the “Derailment Disaster: Crisis in East Palestine” podcast now on Omny at:, on Apple at:, and on Spotify at:

and wherever podcasts are streamed. 


For more information, visit or contact Robby Gessel, Producer, Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks, or at 818.842.4600. 



About Jarid Watson 

Jarid Watson is a former U.S. Air Force combat correspondent with extensive experience in public affairs, video and audio production, and storytelling. As a former executive producer for Air Force Television's flagship short-documentary program "BLUE," Jarid led a three-person team and produced Out of Vietnam, a story of reconciliation, based on the book My Enemy, My Friend, by former Air Force pilot Dan Cherry. He also supervised the Air Force radio news office for three years, managing daily operations, and the production of more than 1,500 radio headlines that served a 3.5 million global audience. 


Jarid's skills as a multimedia journalist, radio disc jockey, videographer, editor, and writer have earned him numerous awards, including Broadcast Journalist of the Year, Television Sports Report of the Year, Television Feature Report of the Year, and Radio Entertainment Program of the Year at various Department of Defense media contests.  


Jarid holds a BA in Communication from Thomas Edison State University, a Certificate in Advanced Motion Media from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and an AAS in Public Affairs from the Community College of the Air Force. 


Jarid and his wife, Priscilla, recently co-founded their media company, Calliope, which produces thought-provoking content that makes a positive impact. The two dreamed of working together again in this capacity since first teaming up in 2007 at Aviano Air Base in Italy at the American Forces Network television and radio studio. 


About Priscilla Watson 

Priscilla Watson's career has been marked by her passion for storytelling and amplifying others' voices. As a former television news journalist with over 15 years of experience in broadcasting, Priscilla has covered a range of topics in different parts of the world. Her journey began as a news producer for an ABC affiliate before she joined the U.S. Air Force as a Combat Correspondent, traveling to places like Italy, Iraq, Japan, Thailand, and Bangladesh, among others.  


Priscilla's time in the military was marked by several accomplishments, including winning several Defense Media awards and working alongside 4-star Generals and then-Senator Barack Obama. Her work frequently aired on The Pentagon Channel, cementing her reputation as an accomplished journalist.  


After her stint in the military, Priscilla continued her career as an Associate Producer at the ABC and Fox affiliates in Washington, D.C. She then pursued her passion for field producing as a News Reporter in Southern Virginia, where she covered some of the state's most pressing issues, including MS 13 gang violence, the reopening of a cold case involving the Lyons sisters, and the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville. In 2023, she and her husband, Jarid, launched their own media company, Calliope, to engage, entertain, and inspire audiences by amplifying the stories of local small businesses and individuals.  


Priscilla holds a BA in Communication with a Minor in Spanish from Salem College, an MA in International Relations from the University of Oklahoma, and an MS in Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health.  


About Josh Miely 

Josh Miely is Vice President of Content Design and Development for the National Association of Broadcasters’ Global Connections and Events department – the team that produces NAB Show. In this role Josh leads the design, development, and delivery of content programming for NAB Show events. He also supports content and program development efforts for virtual events on NAB Amplify as well as NAB’s regional and community-based events. 


Previously Josh served as Director of Member Experience, Industry Affairs for the National Association of Broadcasters where he was the host and producer of The NAB Podcast and multiple webinars. He also produced NAB's various webcasts and online courses designed for the association’s radio and TV membership. From 2013-2018, Josh hosted and executive produced the podcast Chips, Dips and Dorks. The show was a retrospective episodic look back at the films of the 1980’s. He has also spoken multiple times at Podcast Movement – America’s largest podcast conference.  


About Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks 

Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks is a collaboration between Benztown and McVay Media.Benztown is a leading international audio imaging, production library, voiceover, programming, podcasting, and jingles company with over 2,900 affiliations on six different continents. Benztown was named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 by Inc. magazine for five consecutive years as one of America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. McVay Media is a full-service strategic audio programming consulting firm led by President and CEO Mike McVay, former EVP, Content and Programming, Cumulus Media and Westwood One. Benztown + McVay Media Podcast Networks provides podcasting clients with podcast development and production, as well as best practices in podcasting, talent coaching, advertising sales opportunities, marketing and distribution. For more information, visit:  

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